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Hello world!

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عفواً … الموقع تحت الصيانة

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Hello world!

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Welcome to Kallyas Sample Data Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

We aim to produce images that are outside the “3d architectural visualization” category.

Our focus is on creating a unique overall feeling in the image, instead of forcefully instructing the viewer in what to think and feel about the project.

A Mir image gives space for an individual experience.

1.Natural light
We want to create images that humans instinctively relate to and connect with. Manipulating away shadows or faking light can backfire and result in images that feel “disguisive” and unnatural.

2.Unforced process
Strawberry cake and T-bone steak are both good things, but it is not a given that they work together in a dish. Camera angle, lighting, colour, and composition are the key ingredients that together make up the foundation of an image. A poor foundation cannot be saved with flares, fog and effects.

3. Thoughtful use of markers
Images that over instruct the viewer what to think and feel about the project can be unappetizing. We keep things natural and palatable by questioning the use of any symbolic markers such as “Kids with Balloons” or “Trendy Shopping Girls”.